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UK Paid Surveys

Interested in taking paid surveys UK? You’ve found the right website! With a list of legitimate survey companies who are looking for UK panellists, get ready to learn, sign up as a member of great panels, participate in online surveys, and get rewarded. And the best part? It’s free!

Benefits of becoming a survey taker include:

  • Earn cash and earn gift cards in exchange for voicing your opinions
  • Get paid by cheque or PayPal
  • Watch movie trailers and rate new products


To start: Select Toluna, listed on the right. Click the “Join Now” button on the survey panel’s page and complete the new member sign-up form. When you’re finished, click on the next company listed and repeat.

Remember, the more survey panels you become a member of, the more e-mail questionnaires you should receive!

Frequently Asked Questions

questionWhy would anybody want to pay me to take a survey?

Your opinions are valuable. Market researchers help companies, government and non-profits make better decisions regarding new brands, products, services and more. By asking new and existing customers or clientele for their opinions, they gain better insight into the marketplace. This is where you fit in: you can easily become one of these questionnaire takers. Simply sign up for free as a survey taker with a market research company and the next time a study comes along that you qualify for, you can start earning rewards!

Are there any hidden fees involved with your website?

Absolutely not! Some companies and websites will ask you to pay money for accessing a database of survey companies. We don’t believe in charging for information, so we provide this same information to you at no charge. Never pay for information that’s available for free and don’t be fooled by these websites – they don’t offer anything special, no matter how dressed up they are.

Is there a minimum age requirement to take surveys?

Some market research companies require panelists to be 18 and over however many accept members as young as 14. You can find a list here of teen uk surveys. Some sites will require parental permission to join.

Will all the surveys I take pay me cash?

Many do, however some will offer other rewards such as gift vouchers, Amazon gift certificates, or alternative forms of compensation. The ones who do pay their panellists in cash may pay via cheque, bank transfer, or PayPal.

What if I’m interested in other market research opportunities?

Besides online surveys, market researchers often conduct other types of research including product testing and mystery shopping which you might also wish to consider becoming part of.

How do I know this is legitimate?

First off, we don’t want your money or credit card information. Secondly, although we are not a research company ourselves, we have done the background checks to ensure that all of the surveys listed on our website are run by legitimate companies. We don’t wish for you to be spammed and we want you to have the best experience possible when providing your opinions. It’s as simple as that.


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