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survey frequently asked questions

How Do Paid Online Surveys Work?

Survey companies (market research companies) are hired by corporations and governments to conduct studies on the needs and wants of consumers like you. These survey companies need people (panelists) to join their online survey panels so they can conduct these surveys. When their panelists complete a survey, they offer a reward such as cash, a gift voucher, merchandise, a contest entry, etc. as a “thank you” to the panelist for giving their honest opinions. It’s win-win for everyone: the corporation finds out more about their target market, the market research company gets paid by the corporation for conducting the study, and the panelists get a reward for completing the survey.

How Much Money Can I Make With Paid Surveys?

That depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include the length and complexity of the survey, how easy it is to qualify for it as well as how many people are allowed to take the survey. An online survey that is short, and simple and can be answered by anyone will pay much less than say a survey aimed at males aged 35-40 who smoke. You can make anywhere from 50 pence to over 50 pounds per completion.

How Many Surveys Will I Get Per Month?

Again, that depends. You will be invited to take more surveys by registering with multiple online survey companies; the more you sign up with, the more invitations you should get. Regardless, most market research companies seem to send their panelists an average of around 1-3 surveys per month however some also offer daily opportunities.

Is There a Limit To How Many Survey Companies I Can Join?

No, there is no limit to how many survey firms you can join – it’s completely up to you. Remember, all legitimate companies are also free to join and will never ask you for any money. Instead they will reward you for your time!

Why Do Survey Companies Ask Me for My Personal Info?

Market research companies need this information because most surveys are based on demographic information. Ex. Women in Bristol might be chosen to be surveyed on a topic and the survey company needs to know where you live in order to know whether or not you should be contacted for a particular study. Another reason is that in order to be able to send you your reward (if not done electronically), they need to know where you live. Companies who mail their panelists payment cheques need to have an address associated with a user. Lastly, you might be asked to do product testing in which case, again the survey company needs your address so that they can send you the product to test and get your opinion on. Legitimate market research companies will never sell your information on to anyone and real survey companies will never identify you personally to a client; you will always remain anonymous.

Will I Get Junk Mail From Signing Up For Surveys?

No. If you sign up as a member of legitimate online survey panels, you will not receive any junk mail. Your information will not be sold to anyone. Check a survey company’s privacy policy listed on their website to be sure if you have additional concerns.

Do I Need Any Special Software?

No – all you need is an internet browser, an internet connection and an e-mail address. You can get a free e-mail address with gmail and Outlook mail if you do not already have one.

What If I Don’t Want to Complete A Survey?

That’s okay – you’re under no obligation to do so. When you receive an e-mail asking you if you’d like to complete a survey, it’s up to you if you think it is worth your time or not. Survey e-mails typically contain information such as the topic of the survey, the length of time it should take you to complete it, as well as what your reward will be for completing it. If you don’t wish to do the survey, simply delete the e-mail, and wait until a more interesting study arrives in your inbox.

Do I Have To Pay Anything?

No, there is nothing for you to pay. Survey companies will pay or reward you for taking the time to complete their studies honestly. They have no reason to ask you to pay for anything and are more than happy to have you available to participate in their questionnaires when they need you.

Are There Paid Survey Sites for Teens Under 18?

Yes. Many sites offer membership to kids who are as young as 14 years of age. Here you can find a list of uk teen surveys.

I Don’t Live in the UK – Can I Still Participate?

Yes, you can be a resident of any country in the world and be eligible to take online surveys. For a complete list of international survey companies, please visit Surveybounty.com.

How do I Get Started?

Easy – simply visit our online surveys list page and start with the first company listed. Click the “Join Now” button and you will be brought to the survey company’s website. Complete the form to register as a panelist and check your e-mail where you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration by clicking on a link. Click the link and you’re done! Do this for all of the market research panels listed on our website in order to potentially receive the most amount of online surveys. After this, check your e-mail regularly for online study invitations. Fill out the surveys you’re interested in, and collect your rewards!

Can You Tell me About Mystery Shopping?

Yes. Although it can be a legitimate way to earn money through assignments, you must be quite careful when selecting who to sign up with as a secret shopper. Never pay for this information – it is available on the internet for free. We have written an information article about it here: Mystery Shopping UK

What If I Have Other Questions?

We would be happy to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Use our Contact page to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


    • Hi Susan,

      Great question! Typically only one member per household is allowed to join a survey panel, however there are some exceptions. Check the FAQ of the survey panel you’re interested in joining to be sure.

    • Hello Clare,

      Typically, yes, however some survey panels also pay in US dollars. If you click on the “Get more Info” link under a market research company listed on our survey panels page: https://www.paidsurveysuk.com/surveys-list/, you will be brought to a page that will provide detailed information regarding that particular survey panel. Under “Payment Information” there it will state in what currency the survey panel provides payments, payment method information, as well as other types of rewards the panel may offer.

    • Hello ABR,

      You can be paid via cheque and even though you don’t have a bank account, you will still have some options to cash it:

      1. Look at the cheque and if you recognize the bank name, go to their branch and cash it there. This is the easiest way to cash the cheque. Be sure to bring two pieces of government issued ID.

      2. Call the bank from which the cheque is drawn and ask them if they have any affiliate banks. If they do, you will be able to go to these banks and cash the cheque there.

      3. Use a third party service such as a Money Mart, Cash Store, or even some Walmarts will let you cash cheques. There will be a small fee for this service.

      4. Open a free bank account with Barclays Direct, or even your local bank. Most banks these days offer some form of free savings and chequing accounts.

    • Hello Vic,

      That depends on the survey company. Most will require that you accumulate a certain amount of points or money in your account before you are able to cash out your earnings. For instance, Valued Opinions allows you to cash out rewards when £10 is in your account, and SurveySavvy payments can be requested when only $1.00 US sits in your account!

      Once a payment is requested, it typically takes a couple of weeks for you to either be mailed your cheque/reward, or have the money transferred to your PayPal account.

      If you’re specifically looking for a survey panel that has no cashout minimums, Brand Institute is the panel for you, as no minimum balance is required to request a payment.

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