PayPal Surveys UK

PayPal Surveys UK

UK residents who participate in online surveys offered by reputable market research companies can often elect to have their earnings paid to them via PayPal. PayPal surveys UK are particularly convenient and reliable thanks to the many advantages of their military-grade secure payment system.

The following UK survey companies offer PayPal as a payment option:

MySurvey UK
Earn cash for surveys, by participating in online surveys as well as mobile phone surveys.
Cash out via PayPal with only £10 in your account.
Opinion Outpost
Earn “Opinion Points” for taking surveys.
Cash out via PayPal with only £2.50 in your account.
Branded Surveys UK
Earn cash for taking surveys, mini-polls, and referring friends.
Get paid to your PayPal or Dwolla account when you accumulate £10 worth of earnings.
OneOpinion UK
Earn points convertible into cash for each survey you complete.
Exchange your points for cash. 2500 points = £25
Univox Community UK
Earn PayPal cash for taking online surveys.
Get paid to your PayPal account with £12.50 worth of earnings (lower minimums available the longer you stay a member).
Toluna UK
Earn points for every survey you complete.
Exchange your points for cash. 160,000 points = £30
Earn cash for every survey, product test, and focus group you complete.
Get paid when your account reaches only £8.
Earn £0.50 – £3 per survey completion.
Get paid to your PayPal account with just £4 in your account.
The Panel Station UK
Earn 100-5000 points per survey completion.
Convert your points into PayPal payments when your balance reaches 3000 points.
SurveyNetwork UK
Earn cash for every survey you complete.
Get £1 just for becoming a member. Daily surveys available.

PayPal is Reliable and Trustworthy

PayPal, as the leading secure payment system in the world and a unit of Ebay, prides itself on only dealing with reputable clients. A PayPal logo on a survey site means that the website can often be counted on to pay its participants on time and in full.

Convenient and Safe Payments

When earnings are paid out to survey participants using PayPal, they are paid through a fully secure system to a unique PayPal account. There is no charge to open a personal account, and it can be linked to a credit card and bank account. This means that funds can easily be transferred to bank accounts with electronic transfer facilities, and the earnings can also be used to purchase goods and services online from Ebay and other major and reliable sites.

PayPal payments are safe and secure because of the top level encryption and other security measures that are a standard part of their payment interface. By using their service, there is no need to deposit cheques or to track deposits, as it offers a user-friendly interface for real-time records of all deposits, withdrawals, transfers and purchases.

PayPal is Ideal for Online Purchases

With many online merchants offering discounts and other special offers for customers, as well as the PayPal rewards programs for UK customers who use their balances for online purchases, using an account balance for online purchases can be the best way to buy from popular as well as specialty online retailers. Therefore, electing to participate in online surveys that pay via PayPal is an ideal way for consumers to become familiar with all of the benefits as well as the convenience and security of this leading secure payment program.

Using the service is highly recommended to consumers who enjoy participating in online surveys, as payment via PayPal means that a reputable and reliable market research firm is using a highly secure payment system the provides high level safety and security as well as a convenient method of paying for purchases online.

Visit PayPal’s website to sign up for a free account.

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