How Much Can I Make Taking Surveys

How Much Can I Make Taking Surveys

For some consumers, filling out online surveys is a great way to pass the time and is only something they partake in every so often. For others however, the endeavour is much more serious and as they jump at the opportunity to take a new survey, their opportunities to earn bonus income, merchandise or gift cards is greatly increased. These factors and more will be explored when answering the question of how much a person can make taking online surveys.

Complexity Matters

Whilst taking online surveys can be lucrative at times, the payment (if applicable) for each completed online survey will vary primarily upon the complexity of the survey. Some online surveys will consist of only a few multiple choice questions. These will pay considerably less than a survey that requires the consumer to fill out dozens of questions about their family, tastes, or experiences with a given product or service. Time is also a factor in determining how much a survey pays.

Often, however, manufacturers will want to give consumers the opportunity to share their own descriptions of their experiences with a product or service. For example, an online survey may include several essay questions that ask the consumers to describe a certain task, feeling, attitude, etc. in great detail. Because these online surveys implicitly require consumers to spend more time on them, the consumers are paid more accordingly. A survey may pay 50p or may pay £25 – and factors like this really do come into play.

Providing Valuable Opinions is Key

Over time, some consumers may prove themselves to be particularly adept at providing quality insights to manufacturers and retailers through online surveys. These consumers are typically able to provide concise and well written descriptions in response to the questions asked and, perhaps most importantly, respond to every online survey within the time frame provided. Often, these consumers may be rewarded for their quality work with the opportunity to take part in even more online surveys. This will allow these consumers to earn even greater income than other online survey takers, since these invitation only surveys are only available to a select few online survey takers.

In an effort to find out whether there are any new angles that a company can exploit in their marketing plan, these high performing consumers may be given free samples of a new product. They are then asked to provide feedback through an online survey in which they provide valuable market insight as to what they think of the product and other important information that helps the business to grow their market share. As a result, consumers may reap both financial rewards, as well as some free products.

Short Surveys Can Lead to Longer, Well Paid Ones

Sometimes survey companies send a short online survey which may not provide a reward for completion. Many members of the survey panel will refuse to complete the survey, noting that they should be compensated for their opinions. While this is fair in itself, what many are unaware of, is that often a longer, well paid survey is offered to the survey takers after they have completed the unpaid study. Why? Sometimes a market research company wants to ensure that they are only gathering the opinions of serious consumers who will provide their opinions because they feel they are making a difference in the marketplace, and not only to receive compensation. The irony however is, that often, these consumers are the ones who may make the most money for their survey participation.


While it is impossible to provide an exact figure for how much a person can make taking surveys, one thing is clear: being an honest panellist who completes surveys often and in detail, equals an increase in earnings potential.

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