Surveys to Help With Your Debt

Online Surveys to Help With Your Debt

Looking for creative ways to pay down your debt can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Many people are already working more than one job and sacrificing a lot just to keep their daily expenses low. Taking online surveys to help with your debt, whether it’s credit card debt, student loans or car payments is a quick and easy way to bring in a little bit of extra cash.

Finding Time for Surveys

People seem to be getting busier every day and may think they don’t have time to add something else into their schedules. However online surveys usually only take a few minutes to complete. They can easily be filled out over a cup of tea or while waiting for dinner to come out of the oven. Completing online surveys is a stress-free way to make some extra money to help with your debt.

Surveys are sent out via email, generally around one or two each week. Panelists can join as many online survey companies as they wish, the more they register with then the more surveys they will receive. Some companies pay more than others, and some are looking for those from specific demographics such as a particular ethnic background or family situation like those who have a pet in the home. After receiving a few surveys a panelist can determine which survey companies are a good fit for them.

Earning Rewards

Market research companies pay panelists in reward points, which they can then exchange for cash or prizes. The reason for this is that most of these companies are international and conduct surveys around the globe. They want to pay all their panelists fairly, and with exchange rates fluctuating daily it wouldn’t make sense to offer a set monetary reward for a survey. Panelists can accumulate points over time and choose what to purchase with their rewards.

Points can be earned in a variety of ways, the most consistent being online surveys. Some companies also offer at-home product testing and focus groups, which tend to pay a little higher but are much more rare. Points are also often rewarded for referring friends to the site and completing profile polls on the survey website.


More and more companies are paying out cash rewards through PayPal, although some still mail out cheques via post. Establishing a PayPal account before or after registering with online survey companies is a good idea, and it’s safe and easy to do. This way all one has to do to receive payment is provide an email address, and the money is securely deposited into their personal PayPal account.

If the company pays by cheque then it will be mailed out to the address provided at registration. This cheque can be deposited like any other, and used to pay down any outstanding debts or loans without having to dip into your other accounts! Just think how nice that extra little bit of cash can be.

How to Take Surveys

Take a look at our surveys listing page and click on the “join now” buttons listed next to each survey panel. After completing the new member registration forms for each survey panel (there should be about a dozen or so), check your email so that you can “confirm” that you indeed want to become a member of these survey panels. After doing so, start checking your email inbox regularly as you should start receiving online surveys to complete! It’s that easy!

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