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About Online Surveys

What are online surveys?

Companies want to understand their consumers, so to do this they hire market research companies to survey their target audience. By agreeing to join the survey panels of these market research companies, you become part of the panels which major companies hire to conduct market research. Your participation helps shapes the products, services, and advertising of the future.

How do I participate in online surveys?

Once you register with a survey company, your profile is created and your information is placed into a secure database. When a study matches your profile, you are sent an invitation by e-mail inviting you to participate in a survey. The survey invitation e-mail will provide the approximate time length of the survey, the topic, and of course, the incentive (cash, prizes, gift certificates, points, etc.) The survey itself is conducted online and once you complete it, you will be given your incentive. Cash for surveys is normally paid by PayPal.

How often will I receive survey invitations?

This depends on a variety of factors. Of course, the more market research companies you register with, the better chance you have of being invited to participate in studies. Also, if you fit a demographic that companies are particularly interested in, you will likely receive more survey invites than somebody else. Another example would be if you fit a particularly rare demographic ex.75 year old active male who spends 35 hours a week online – in this case too, you may receive more surveys to complete.

When I’m e-mailed a survey invitation, do I have to participate?

No. If you do not feel like participating in a particular study, the choice is simply yours.

What do I get for participating?

Incentives range from a stated amount of cash, merchandise, gift certificates, chances to win prizes, and points that are redeemable for cash or merchandise. Incentives (or rewards) for surveys are stated in the e-mail invitation you will receive, inviting you to participate in the survey. Keep in mind that when you are offered a chance to win a large sum of money, your chances are of winning are fairly decent (compared to something like the lottery); remember that you are only competing against a the other participants invited to do the survey, and your chance is as good as theirs.

Is there any cost to join?

There is no cost to participate in legitimate online surveys – as is the case with the online market research companies listed on this website. The only cost involved would be if you are interested in registering with a large number of online survey companies.

Can anyone do online surveys?

Yes, as long as they are over the age of 13 and have parental consent. Those who have reached the age of majority are free to join any online survey company’s panel, provided they fit the panelist criteria (ex. Brits 18+).

What do market research companies do with my survey responses?

They report their findings to the companies that have hired them to conduct the study. Anonymity is maintained, as the data is reported in a collective sort of way, rather than singling out a particular individual. Legitimate online market research companies have privacy policy statements on their website assuring participants that their privacy is protected during survey conduction.

Can I get rich taking online surveys?

No. Any website that says you will is lying. Even if you sign up with every single market research company in existence, you’ll probably only have enough surveys to do as a part time job. Online survey taking is more like a fun and easy way to supplement your existing income. How else could you earn a few pounds for answering a few questions about things like lollies and sweets?


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  • Hiya my name is chante, i am 14 years old and intrested in joining the site, but i would like to know how the money is recieved and if i have to give my adress will it be passed onto anyone?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Chante,

      Here you can find a list of UK Teen Surveys. You will have to provide your address to the market research companies because they use this information for demographic profiling and if applicable, as well as to send you payment. Legitimate market research companies will never ever sell your information, and only use it internally. If you are unsure, double check by referring to their privacy policy.

      If a survey company pays cash for their surveys, they will either send it to you via PayPal, send you a cheque in the mail, or in rare instances, they will also wire the payment directly into your bank account.

  • hi pleas can i take part in your surveys my name is claire im 27 yrs old im a stay at home mum now to 3 boys 1yr 2yr 3ys old i live with my partner which is a tech guy for pc thanks

    • Hi Claire,

      Yes, you can definitely take online surveys. To start, simply visit the surveys list page which contains a list of UK market research companies. Register with the companies that you find interesting and shortly after they will start sending you online surveys to complete. There’s nothing to pay, and all you need to do to get started is to register with the actual survey companies listed.

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