Paid Medical Surveys UK

Paid Medical Surveys UK

Physicians, nurses, and other medical practitioners are eligible to participate in special medical surveys which offer generous compensation. Studies that discuss medication, treatment options and medical equipment are regularly available and can be interesting and lucrative to take.

Why paid medical surveys are worth your time

The opinions of physicians and other healthcare professionals are always in high demand; this highly educated group of individuals contain a wealth of expertise that many companies, government agencies and groups are interested in hearing.

Because many healthcare practitioners are difficult to target and have little spare time, market research companies who wish to survey this group try to offer generous compensation as a means of attracting participants for a study. Surveys offered to physicians can pay anywhere from £80-£1200 contingent upon the length and complexity of the study, as well as who is eligible to participate.

When sub-specialists are required for a study (especially when they have experience), compensation offered can easily be for hundreds of pounds.

Other healthcare workers including nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists, opticians, veterinarians, etc. are also eligible to participate in medical surveys. Although compensation may be lower as compared to specialist physicians, it is still generous and much greater than one would earn participating in general consumer studies.

Requirements for getting started


In order to verify that physicians have a medical license, they will be asked to provide their seven digit GMC (General Medical Council) number when they first register with a medical market research company. They may also be asked to state their speciality (if applicable), as this will enable them to receive highly targeted surveys relevant to their area of expertise.

Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, and other Medical Professionals

If you are not a physician, you will still have a council number (whether from the NMC, etc.) which will identify you as a medical professional. You will typically have to provide this number when registering for medical surveys, so your status as a healthcare worker can be verified.

Benefits of Participating

Besides earning generous compensation, by sharing your specialist knowledge in market research studies, you can really help assist in improving patient care, medication, and medical treatments.

After joining a medical surveys community, participating in completely voluntary – do so at your own pace in your own time. Whether you choose to partake regularly or sparingly, your opinions really do matter and make a difference in the medical community.

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