Surveys for Seniors

Surveys for Seniors

Online survey taking is an excellent opportunity for senior citizens to earn extra money, make their voices heard, and get the satisfaction and joy from participating in a rewarding online pastime.

Many seniors don’t even know how desperately their voices and opinions are needed. Survey companies (aka market research companies) are tasked with recruiting a certain number of individuals to participate in each survey they have available. The more individuals that participate, the more precise data they can extrapolate.

More participants result in a larger data set, and allow the statisticians an opportunity to better identify outliers, or those survey takers whose opinions are so idiosyncratic they represent a very small group of interests.

Take, for instance, an imaginary survey with 10 survey takers, and another with 1000 survey takers. If one person takes both surveys, and deliberately answers no to every question, those answers are 10 percent of the first survey’s data and will carry too much weight. In the second survey, those answers are less than 1 percent and are less likely to influence results.

Because the first survey only had a few takers, it is hard to tell if these answers are representative, or if it was just one person intentionally being a contrarian. In the larger study, this string of negative answers will be immediately recognizable as an outlier.

Seniors are in Demand

Seniors in particular are a highly demanded testing group. Surveys for seniors seek insight from a very important group with a wide range of experiences, opinions and outlooks.

A number of factors make surveys for seniors difficult for these survey companies to conduct. Some seniors are not active online, or are afraid that they’ll be involved in some scam.

The truth is that most sites offering online surveys are honest organizations. They do not claim to make anyone rich, but seniors will be compensated for their time either in terms of direct financial rewards, or by being entered into a drawing where they will have the opportunity to win a particular prize.

Compensation and Rewards

This compensation may not replace retirement income, but it can be a pleasant and welcome addition.

Another great benefit is that surveys taking can be done on one’s own time schedule. Typically, a person will be informed by the survey company that a new survey is available, what the potential compensation is, and how to access it.

There may be a deadline for answering the survey, but generally, when a senior chooses to respond is up to them. Whether they prefer mornings, evenings or weekends, taking surveys is on their own schedule. Because many surveys for seniors are quick and only require a few minutes, this flexible scheduling allows them to fit survey taking an already busy day.

Online can take many forms and be on a variety of different topics. The survey may ask about political opinions, or about consumer patterns. It may ask the survey taker to rate a new possible product, or gauge interest in a new service. The goal is to gather information from them about any number of areas and to spot trends in this information.

As one can see, surveys for seniors target an important demographic, provide either money or the opportunity to win prizes and, more importantly, allow seniors to voice their opinions on a number of important subjects.

Seniors living in the UK can find a free list of survey companies who would welcome their membership by accessing the UK Consumer Surveys listing.

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