Paid Product Testing

Paid Product Testing

Your opinion matters, and marketing companies will pay with cash and valuable reward points to get it. Online survey companies who offer product testing need people who can articulate their likes and dislikes about all kinds of products in a myriad of price ranges and utility. From household cleaners to nail polish remover, your valued opinions can make or break a new product being tested on the market.

Who Offers Paid Product Testing?

All of the companies below offer product testing opportunities to their panelists. Also consider taking a look at Nielsen Homescan. Although they do not offer product testing per se, they offer their members the opportunity to scan their purchases with a free handheld scanner, in exchange for great merchandise.

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The following websites offer product testing in the UK:

Do product tests at home in exchange for cash rewards. The more in-depth the test, the higher the compensation. Open to residents 16+.
Participate in product testing to earn cash paid by PayPal or BACS. Gift vouchers also on offer. Open to users 16+.
Opinion Outpost
Participate in product tests in exchange for cash paid by PayPal or Amazon e-gift cards. Open to users 18+.

Earn Money and Free Gifts

To get involved with product testing and to earn money, gift certificates and free merchandise, the first step is to sign up with a legitimate market research agency. They will ask you some personal questions, however you have their word that they will not share your information with a third party. Some of the necessary data to be collected on the interview subjects (you) includes, but is not limited to: your total household income, marital status, children in the home, age, gender and last level of education completed. These statistics help the research company to qualify you as part of the target market group for a particular product or service and thus lend a credible opinion to help shape business decisions.

When selecting market research companies you would like to work with, be sure to check them out on online forums and blogs to ensure they are legitimate. Not every company will treat you fair and square, so check out a few of them before you make a commitment. In addition, you may also wish to pop their name into the online Better Business Bureau website for any statistics related to consumer complaints against them for companies headquartered in the US. To investigate a product testing online surveys company, just enter their business name and click for results. The data will tell you want the business grade is, ranging from an A+ to an F.

How Does Product Testing Work?

To get started, you will need to find some market research companies that you are comfortable with working with and feel that the compensation they offer in exchange for your time is fair. You can find such a listing on our website. The next step is to sign up on their website and submit a personal profile to enable the companies to target their market research.

If the company offers product testing, they will first get you to complete an online survey about the potential item in question and if you qualify, they will then send you the actual product itself. They will then ask you to rate the wares on specific guidelines or perhaps may have a section to include your general comments. The tester must use the product for the determined length of time and evaluate each point with accuracy. Such questions may involve the product’s ease of use, packaging, attractiveness, texture, consistency, etc. Upon completion of the product trial, the paid surveyors will submit all the opinions, oftentimes keep the product for free, and look forward to the agreed upon compensation. You may sign up with as many product testing online surveys as you wish.

No Contracts or Binding Commitments

Earning money doing this allows you work when you want and take a break at any time. Although by no means can your participation with product testing and online surveys amount to full-time employment, it’s nice to have a few extra bucks here and there and perhaps a gift certificate from Amazon, Boots, or a High Street Voucher.


  • I would love to test your products, I am a full-time mum with a part-time job, I have tested a couple of products for another online company in the past and really enjoyed the work and the surveys they had to offer.

    • Hi Tammy,

      You can get involved with product testing by signing up as a member with Toluna UK and Opinion Outpost. Membership to both sites is free. Simply visit the websites for Toluna UK and Opinion Outpost, complete the registration forms and when product testing opportunities arise, you will be contacted. Please note that does not provide any product testing opportunities.

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