How to Make a Survey

How to Make a Survey

How would someone interested in research go about conducting their own online survey? Where would they even start, especially if the individual designing the potential survey does not belong to a large and wealthy corporation with a computer genius on standby?

TolunaQuickSurveys is the answer. They are an online survey and market research company that has made it simple for anyone to get the answers they need quickly and affordably. Everything a researcher needs to make an online survey is available on the Toluna Quick Surveys website with easy to follow instructions that allow even those with limited Internet knowledge to design the surveys they desire.

Who are Survey Makers?

There are a variety of people who can make great use of the TolunaQuick website. Students looking for fast and professional market research for their school assignments are one group who may be interested in how to create a survey. Also advertising agencies and PR firms who need statistics quickly to back up presentations, small business owners looking to pitch a new product, charities looking for public opinion, and anyone else who would like feedback from Toluna’s pool of over 4 million members in 34 countries available through online surveys.

Benefits of using TolunaQuick Surveys

It is affordable and easy to make an online survey with TolunaQuick. There is no setup fee for any of their plans, and survey makers can see their results in as little as twenty-four hours. TolunaQuick provides a setup wizard that guides each user through the entire process, so even those new to the concept of research will be able to make a survey. This online survey tool is available to users 24 hours a day/7 days per week, so there’s no need to rush to make a survey within regular business hours. Feel free to create the online survey on a weekend, early morning or late at night.

For individuals with their own list of respondents available the entire survey making experience is free. Those who would like to access the international collection of panelists who are members of Toluna will pay a fee based on the number of respondents, questions and targeting.

Creating an Online Survey

Making the survey is simple with the step-by-step instructions on the TolunaQuick website. After choosing a Quick Survey name and assigning the survey a category and sub-category, create tags so it will be easier for Toluna’s members to find and therefore join in . Then pick a set number of survey participants ranging from 100 to 2000 and set the country and language preferences.

The setup wizard will then assist in the creation of the format of the actual survey questions and give survey makers the options of adding photos or video. Any individual with a computer and Internet connection can therefore easily learn how to make an online survey. Use TolunaQuick for Free Right Now!

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