Survey Tools

Survey Tools

Creating online surveys to solicit feedback and opinions from the public may sound intimidating, but it can become a simple and enjoyable experience simply by utilizing online survey tools, such as the type available through Toluna QuickSurveys.

Online survey tools are affordable and easy to use for anyone who has access to a computer and an Internet connection. With the online assistance offered through these websites, even those who believe they have little talent in design or marketing can create surveys on any number of topics. Results are delivered quickly which is a real bonus to students needing data for research papers or businesses looking for specific numbers for their presentations.

How to Create a Survey

The process of creating an online survey is straightforward when using the resources available through survey creating websites. Most are set up to work with dropdown menus and simple instructions so even those with limited Internet experience can figure them out.

Companies like Toluna QuickSurveys allow you to create surveys for free using their easy-to-follow survey wizard. Simply begin by naming the survey – be sure to choose a title that is descriptive and interesting so that potential survey takers will want to complete it. Then the survey should be given category labels and tagged with key words so the public can easily find it. Remember, this is all done through the survey making website which guides survey makers through the entire process.

Finally, input the survey questions and a selection of answers into the provided fields, and depending on the website used it may also be possible to enter visuals such as pictures or video. That’s it! The survey is now ready to be launched. Now just activate the survey and get ready to read the results as they start rolling in!

What it Costs

Online survey making tools vary in cost, but are generally more affordable than hiring a market research agency to do the work instead. For example, Toluna QuickSurveys allows users to create surveys for free and only charges if the survey maker would like to use Toluna’s database of panelists. For students who will be polling their classmates or friends however, the entire process is free. For a small business looking for feedback on their latest product they hope to pitch, polling the international panelists available through Toluna would be worth the cost.

For many, knowing they can receive results in less than a day, and being able to create surveys day or night, 7 days a week is a good enough reason to create their own surveys using online survey tools. They also appreciate the added bonus of being able to reach a wider audience than polling friends and acquaintances alone. They can save businesses money and also reduce stress since the process is simple enough for almost anyone to use.

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