Surveys for Mums

Surveys for Mums

Mums can always use some extra money. Whether it’s for something special like a child’s birthday party or to buy yet another outfit for a growing teenager, spending money is always appreciated. Surveys for mums are an easy way to earn a few extra pounds for your pocket.

Surveys can be completed at any time and any place where there is access to the Internet. Day or night, it doesn’t matter when a survey is taken since they are submitted online.

How to Join

There are many online companies that offer surveys for mums. A list of reputable companies can be found here for free. Like in any business there are some companies that should be avoided, however they are fairly easy to spot. The websites that offer huge rewards that are too good to be true are a dead giveaway.

After deciding which survey company to join, registration is easy. Simply fill out the forms by providing some demographic information on their website – this enables the companies to determine which surveys are most appropriate to send to each respondent. Surveys are then sent to the email address the panelist provided upon signing up.

During registration is where you will be asked to provide some basic regarding your children; their sex and age is typically all that is required. Having this information lets the market research company know that you are a mum with kids and that you are now eligible to receive surveys on issues pertinent to you and your children.


Each market research company awards different prizes, so research a few different companies to see what they offer. Rewards vary from cash and prizes to gift vouchers and sweepstakes entries.

Cash prizes are usually awarded via cheque or PayPal, while gift vouchers are mailed out by post or email. If the voucher is for an online store such as Amazon, then the code will most likely be sent electronically.

Some companies offer rewards in the form of points for online video games, so a mum stuck for a gift for her child could surprise them with that special code. Another reward option could be travel miles, which would make that next family vacation a bit easier on the budget.

Why Companies Pay

Consumers are the only reason businesses can operate. Businesses want to provide products and services the public demands, but how do they determine this? That is where online market research comes in.
If a company is considering releasing a new version of a favourite product, how can they be sure their customers will continue purchasing it? By asking them, of course! They approach a marketing company and develop a survey, then send this out online to a number of panelists. This helps them determine if they should go ahead with the new version or if consumers aren’t comfortable with the change. Companies can save vast sums of money by completing this research, so in exchange for the opinions and time of the panelists they offer rewards.

Privacy and Protection Online

Some mums who sign up to take surveys may be concerned about online safety. The good news is that the market research companies have taken many steps to ensure that the information collected is always collected, stored and sent securely.

Each panelist is given their own account within the survey website, accessed through a private username and password. When a survey has been completed and sent on, the results are encrypted so if an unauthorized person tries to access the data while in transit they won’t be able to decipher the information. Along with this, the results from all the panelists are sent in an aggregated form, which means that answers to the survey questions cannot be traced back to the individual.

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