Genuine Online Surveys UK

Genuine Online Surveys UK

What determines if an online survey is genuine or not? How does one discover if the marketing company is actually going to pay out for the time invested in completing surveys? UK residents who are considering registering with a survey company can follow some simple steps as outlined below to ensure the panel they wish to join is legitimate.

Realistic Payments

If a survey company is claiming that respondents can earn more cash taking one survey than an individual is likely to make in an average day’s wages then it is obvious that the survey is a scam. Some even go so far as to promise a free vacation for registering with their company. If the claims seem to good to be true, they probably are. With this being said however, panelists can definitely earn a tidy sum of spending money for completing online surveys. Respondents are usually allotted points for each survey they complete, and points accrue in the individual’s account until a set point is reached when they can choose a reward.

Payments are generally in the form of cash, gift certificates or entries into sweepstakes. Being invited to attend a focus group or do product testing at home are also great options for those wishing to earn more benefits. Some companies also offer the option of donating one’s points to Red Cross International or other local charities.

Company Information

It is in the best interest of a panelist to conduct research of their own on the survey panel they wish to join. Legitimate survey companies will offer plenty of information about themselves on their websites, such as their privacy policy, contact information and a description of their reward system. There are websites such as this one, who investigate a variety of online survey companies and recommend reputable ones that offer the best rewards for ones time spent completing surveys.

Many online survey companies have offices worldwide and have been in business for many years. Find those who are members of marketing associations and other organizations that rate internet-based companies based on their honesty and reputation.

Collecting Your Personal Information

When registering with a genuine online survey company, new panelists are required to supply some personal information. Data such as age, gender, marital status and occupation are required to help the survey company determine which surveys to send to each participant. Further information is often gathered after registration, which is also used to target the demographic the manufacturer of the survey is looking for. Companies that ask for email addresses of friends or family are most likely looking to sell that information to unscrupulous marketing firms, and it goes without saying to never give out credit card information. Companies generally pay via PayPal now and simply need an email address to award payment.

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