UK Teen Surveys

UK Teen Surveys

Are you under 18? That’s no problem! You too can make money participating in online surveys. The following paid survey companies accept UK panelists under the age of 18.

Register with each survey company to maximize the number of invitations you receive, and then check your e-mail inbox for studies! Every e-mail will state how much cash you will make if you take a survey, and once you take it, you can expect to receive your reward shortly.

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Survey PanelRewards and FeaturesAgesSignup
branded surveysBranded Surveys UK
PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards. $1.00 USD joining bonus.
ipsos ukIpsos UK
Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, prizes. Earn approx £1 per survey completion.
toluna ukToluna UK
Cash, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards. Get 500 points upon registering.
swagbucks ukSwagbucks UK
Cash, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards. $5.00 USD joining bonus.
surveysavvy ukSurveySavvy
Cash paid by cheque, cash prizes. All surveys for cash, not points.

Teen Online Safety

Getting teens to participate in online surveys has been an important topic to parents and leaders across the board. Child safety is one of the highest regarded priorities among most countries in the world and the UK is no exception. The cyber world is always evolving; it has become a component of practically every business and personal transaction. While the internet is undeniably a pertinent, prosperous tool of society today, it comes with its own degree of uncontrollable warnings.

The internet is used for unlimited reasons; however, we can characterize adult use versus child use with two extremely different objectives. Adults are typically seeking information, whether it is for recreational purposes or professional purposes, and children are generally seeking entertainment and socialization. The boundaries within the infinite world of the internet, however, are unclear, uncontrolled, and over all weak, when and if they do exist. The difference between obtaining information from children through online surveys and a company seeking information for marketing purposes are two ideal examples of how intentions can cross, in a boundless world, to reveal indecent behavior and abuse of privacy or gathered information can be used for legitimate positive research to benefit children and parents alike.

How Participation Works

When you sign up with a paid survey site, you are essentially volunteering to take opinion surveys in exchange for rewards. You will become part of a ‘panel’, which is group of individuals who have opted to take surveys with a company. The company will then e-mail surveys as they become available. These e-mails will state the subject matter of the survey, the length of time it will take to complete it, as well as the rewards offered. It’s always up to you whether or not you wish to complete a survey; it is not mandatory, and not every invitation has to be accepted.

At any time, you can log into your surveys account (with one of the websites listed above) to check your account balance. Your balance will show the number of studies you’ve participated in, how many points (or cash) you’ve earned for each one, and whether or not your balance is sufficient enough to request a reward. As per above, most sites have a minimum payment threshold of between £5-£10 and once you’ve taken enough surveys to reach this, you can cash out your earnings for a reward such as PayPal cash or one of many gift cards. The survey site will then issue the reward to you after request.

Use of Information

Online studies where teens are involved are conducted for one reason: to obtain information. Information is powerful and can be used for ill intent just as often as it serves a productive purpose. The universal threshold for the age in which it is inappropriate for online institutions to illicit information via UK online teen surveys or other commercial avenues, seems to be 13. That has been deemed the age in which it is unlawful, in many countries, for an online company to allow a child to sign up as a member in any manor that involves volunteering personal information, without verifying parental consent.

The law called COPPA, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, in the US, also serves jurisdiction internationally when the information of a child residing the US is solicited. Whether it is a full fledged law or not, it is definitely an internationally respected rule of thumb for online businesses as well as those conducting UK online teen surveys.

When participating in online surveys for teens, always take into consideration the integrity and use of information being solicited and contemplate if it may fall under what is known as a ‘sliding scale’. Before mandating that a company is in violation of a child’s privacy, the manner in which the forth coming information is prompted is taken into consideration, as well as the intent of its use. Violations are geared toward commercial institutions that gather data primarily for marketing. Teens participating in surveys fall under various categories for data collection reasons. Most companies are aware of the child privacy rules and abide by the guidelines to ensure communication among the proper age groups only.

Rights and Permissions

If taking part in these surveys, as long as rights are being recognized, it is also important to take into consideration that information is pertinent for an unlimited number of productive resources as well. These studies may provide informative data to the organizations that matter when it comes to improving things such as education, before and after school programs, athletic programs, and the health and well being of our young demographic.

Parental permission may be required for teens to participate in surveys so always take this step into account and be aware that the company is performing its due diligence. If felt necessary, research the subject, the destination, and the purpose of the information being asked. Precautions are respectful, these companies, more than likely, have quality intentions and your participation will be beneficial.


  • Hi im really looking for some money as i have just turned 14 and know that i can be employed and work for surveys however as im alowed to work at supermarkets ect it can be difficult to get a job at such a young age and am interested in completeting surveys and my mum is worried as she doesnt feel safe with me doing this are there any possible risks or fraud as i just want to be safe so my mum can let me earn some money on the web.

    Thank, Kai.

    • Hello Kai,

      Thank you for your question. You can help your mum feel more at ease by showing her which online survey companies you plan to become a member of. Explain to her that it is free to join up as a member and if she’s concerned about privacy, read through the privacy policies listed on each of the survey company websites so you can both understand that your information is kept private. Market research companies adhere to strict privacy and professional standards, especially when they are members of associations such as the Market Research Society who lay out professional standars that each of their members must abide by.

      If you can put her at ease, go ahead and become a member of the following survey companies who have opened their membership to teens 14+: Global Test Market, Valued Opinions UK, American Consumer Opinion, SurveyNetwork UK and SurveySavvy.

  • Hello, i am 13 in about 7 months and i really want to start earning some money by doing surveys, but im only 12 and not many websites are for people aged twelve. i really hope that you can help me,
    many thanks,

    • Hi Georgia,

      You’re right – there are few survey panels open to those who are your age. Unfortunately it seems you will have to wait it out a bit before being eligible to participate though the bright side is that soon you’ll be able to join any survey panel you wish! 🙂

      Meanwhile if you have a parent or guardian who is interested in online surveys, you might want to ask them to consider joining some survey panels. When a person first signs up to become a member, often they are asked whether or not they have children living in their household. If they answer “yes” to this, and can then specify your age, there is a small chance that at some point a survey may become available to them for you to take; although the survey company might not accept your member registration because you are too young, sometimes they go though a parent/guardian to collect the opinions of teens your age.

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