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Benefits of Joining

  • Earn PayPal cash payments and Amazon gift vouchers for taking surveys
  • Join Surveyeah without having to supply your full name!
  • Redeem your earnings when you have just £4 in your account



Panel Eligibility: UK residents 15+

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Payment Information

Earn between £.40-£1.25 for most surveys you complete with Surveyeah. Get paid quickly to your PayPal account or get sent an Amazon e-voucher. Merchandise options as well as the ability to donate your earnings to charity are also available. Most surveys take around 5-15 minutes to complete, though they can be as short as 1 minute and in rare circumstances, as long as 45 minutes.

paypalGet paid via PayPal
Once your account reaches just £4, you may request a PayPal payment. Alternatively, you can wait until you build up a bigger balance, and request a cash payment when you have £8, £12 or £16 sitting in your account.

amazonGet Amazon e-vouchers
Just like with PayPal, Amazon e-vouchers are available in denominations of £4, £8, £12 and £16.

Become a member, without having to reveal your identity!
Surveyeah is huge on privacy. So much so, they don’t even require your full name to become a member. You also do not need to supply your physical address. Since rewards are delivered digitally, a complete physical address is not necessary. To join, all you need to supply is your email address, gender, year of birth, and post code. Surveyeah must have one of the shortest registration forms of any survey site!

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Panel Information

Surveyeah is a survey panel operated by Tradatech SRL out of Italy. This small market research firm has members in over 100 countries, and has over 75,000 “likes” on Facebook.

It’s so quick to become a member of Surveyeah, it’s not even funny. Fill in your email, gender, birth year and post code, pick a password, and you’re almost there! Check your email to confirm your account, and you’re done. You’ll be emailed each time a survey becomes available, and as always, the topic of the survey as well as the offered compensation will be stated in the invitations to complete surveys that you receive.

Privacy and Legitimacy

Privacy Policy on Website

Contact Information

Tradatech S.r.l.
Via De Amicis, 47
tel: +39 340 4703497


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