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Benefits of Joining

  • Earn points (5 per minute!) for every survey you take and exchange your points for cash
  • Get paid quickly via PayPal (usually within 48 hours)
  • Get bonus points for completing profilers, referring friends and winning points
  • Take short and fun online surveys


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Panel Eligibility: UK residents 15+

Payment Information

Members of Hiving has a very simple formula for awarded points for surveys: members earn 5 points per minute spent on each online survey completed.

Earning Additional Points
Members who complete the self-portrait site profiles will be awarded 10 points per profile completion. There are nine profiles in total available for completion. Topics include: hobbies and interests, travel and tourism, beauty, automotive, and health. “Users of the month” will also be given 400 bonus points and each month a first prize panellist bonus of 1200 points is awarded to one lucky winner!

Points to Cash Conversion
The conversion from points to PayPal cash is as follows:

  • 100 Hiving points = £1
  • 400 Hiving points = £4
  • 800 Hiving points = £8
  • 1200 Hiving points = £12

PayPal payments Users may cash out their Hiving points by requesting a PayPal payment when they reach an account balance of 400 points, or only £4 worth. Once a payment is requested, users typically receive their cash in less than 48 hours. …Find other PayPal surveys.

referralsReferral Programme
Members can earn additional points through their referral programme whereby members can earn 20 points for each friend they successfully refer to the panel. As a bonus, during the first 3 days of their own registration, panelists can earn 40 points instead of 20 points for each person they refer to Hiving.

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Panel Information

Hiving is a paid online consumer opinion survey panel who aims to find out what people would really ask for if they could have a face to face chat with the various manufacturers, companies and distributors they avail of thus allowing companies to improve their goods or services, better matching their products to what people really want.

Hiving’s mission statement is reflected in their name: Hiving is a mutation of “Cocooning” a trend which refers to the retreat from the world into an increasing seclusion brought about by the work-at-home possibilities of the internet age. However, unlike “Cocooning”, it is not a trend disconnected from the outside world, rather it is all about creating a nexus of home-based interaction and in this way, actually increasing connections made with the rest of the world.

Founded in Paris in 2007 with this idea, they have continually sought to deliver and package a useful and well informed market research service to its clients, while continuing to be an entertaining and fun way to make extra money for its panellists.

Hiving’s interest-matched surveys mean that companies always get the sample audience they are looking for and the panellist/survey taker only answers surveys that interest them.

Privacy and Legitimacy

Privacy Policy on Website

Contact Information

Hiving – A2C Group
3 Cité Rougemont
75009 PARIS

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