Earn £80 yearly with Smart Panel

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App Highlights:

  • Download a simple app, earn cash every month
  • Receive quarterly bonuses for participating
  • Get paid cash to your PayPal account or request an Amazon.co.uk at any time you have a balance in your account

Earn £4 monthly + bonuses for using the Smart Panel App

Help shape the future of technology using the Smart Panel app.

Download the Smart Panel app to any of your smartphones, tablets and/or PCs and earn £4 every month you keep the app installed on your device. Receive quarterly loyalty bonuses of £4 after three months, £6 after six months, £8 after nine months and £12 every three months after that. This amounts to a tidy sum of £80 yearly!

The app runs in the background while anonymously and securing collecting statistical data regarding your device usage. The data is then aggregated and analyzed to help designers, developers and creators understand how to give you a better online experience to improve everyday technology. It does not interfere with the way your device functions.

At any time you have a cash balance in your account, you can request to receive your earnings directly to your PayPal account, or by Amazon.co.uk e-code.

Eligibility: UK residents 18+ who qualify.

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