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Panel Highlights:

  • Receive 500 points (£2.50) credited to your account just for joining
  • Get paid by PayPal, or choose or prepaid Visa cards instead
  • Earn more points the longer you’re a member, through Univox’s loyalty program

The PaidSurveysUK directory now includes Univox UK.

Join Univox UK to immediately get 500 points credited to your account. Take surveys for points and redeem them for a popular selection of rewards items.

Use your points for things you want!
Participate in market research surveys in exchange for points, and exchange them for your choice of a cash payment made to your PayPal account, an e-code, or a prepaid Visa card – your choice!

Participate in fun contests and earn more!
Univox frequently offers fun contests on social media for their members where points can be won. It’s a good idea to follow Univox on Twitter and Facebook in order to earn some easy points.

Panel Eligibility: UK residents 18+


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