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Participate in surveys, product tests, and focus groups in exchange for PayPal payments or Amazon gift cards – your choice!

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Surveygoo – A plethora of market research opportunities!

Panel Highlights:

  • Partake in different types of research; online surveys, focus groups, product testing, and more!
  • Receive PayPal cash payments or e-vouchers for your participation
  • Receive PayPal payments within 48 hours of request

Surveygoo panel is the latest addition to our list of some of the hottest UK online survey panels.

So many ways of participating!
Surveygoo is very unique in that many different ways of participating in research assignments is offered; take part in online survey assignments, online focus groups, bulletin board assignments, telephone surveys, webcam surveys, and more.

PayPal or Amazon – your choice
When you’ve participated in a few projects and have just £8 sitting in your account, you can request that a PayPal payment be made to your account. Within 48 hours, you’ll receive your reward! Alternatively, request an e-gift card when your account reaches just £10.

Panel Eligibility: UK residents 16+

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