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Ever wonder what your opinions are used for and what studies they are published in? Check out how Valued Opinions UK uses their members’ opinions for cool research.

Survey Results Spotlight: Valued Opinions

What becomes of all the information that panelists contribute when taking online surveys? Some results are published in a variety of forms through the media, such as on the evening news, but what if someone is looking for more details from a particular study?

Members of online survey sites such as Valued Opinions are able to access a selection of these results through the online portal.

Example of a Survey Result

On the Valued Opinions web page, panelists can access survey results by clicking on the “News” link and then selecting a topic, such as “How do Britons celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?” A synopsis of the survey results will then be displayed for readers to review. The link is shown here:

The results are displayed in report form, yet organized into small paragraphs for those interested to scan through the article to find the information they are interested in.

Results Explained

shamrocksThis particular survey result article begins by explaining that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the country as well as around the world. The question is asked about the most popular method of celebrating in Briton, although examples of how other nations partake in the holiday are discussed.

Statistics then come into play with a statement that two-thirds (or seventy percent) of UK residents responding that they do not plan to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The survey then becomes more specific, stating that of those who do plan to celebrate, nineteen percent will take part by going to a pub or restaurant.

The second most popular way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day by Britons is to wear something with the colour green. Seven percent of respondents plan to sport green clothing on March 17th as it is the unofficial colour of this holiday.

Other ways of celebrating include attending a St. Patrick’s Day Party, which five percent plan to do, but only three percent said they were planning on watching a parade on this day.

The study is then further analyzed in terms of age, showing that the younger generation was more likely to celebrate, with 16-34 year olds being the age group with the most respondents planning to take part in festivities. UK residents aged 55 and older were the least likely to celebrate.

How Results Are Used

These results could be beneficial to pub and restaurant owners in the UK in determining if they should offer St. Patrick Day specials or not. In this case, a pub owner would find it beneficial to target the younger generation if advertising a deal for the holiday, as group is more likely to attend such an event.

Those organizing a local parade may choose to conduct a further poll to determine if there is enough interest to justify organizing one. From this study, one could see that the low number of respondents planning to attend may not be worth the time and effort of putting a parade together.

A new business owner may think twice about ordering a large number of green hats for St. Patrick’s Day after learning that only seven percent of respondents plan to wear something green on March 17th. This information could save them a lot of time, money and frustration!

Rewards for Surveys

gift cardsBy participating in research surveys like the one featured above, you can help market researchers answer questions businesses, government and non-profits may have about products, services, attitudes and behaviours about all kinds of interesting subjects.

Taking online surveys with Valued Opinions is rewarding: earn cash towards gift cards to retailers including, Marks and Spencer, Boots, and more! New members also have a shot at winning an iPad 2, just for becoming a member.


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