Update Your Profile, Receive More Surveys

When you first become a member of an online survey panel, you are asked a serious of questions such as what your address is, your email address, your age, your sex, etc. Depending on the length of the form you fill out when you first register, you may also be asked to provide additional “profiling” information. This can include questions about what is your highest level of education completed, if you own a vehicle, if you rent or own your residence, how often you attend the movies, etc.

Completing Profilers

completing survey profilersIf a survey company has a very short initial new member registration form , they also often have additional “profilers” you can complete in your account. Simply log in to your account, click on something that says “account information” or “profilers” and try to find a set of questions that you were not asked to complete when you first registered with the survey company.

These questions will ask you for more information about yourself. Questions could be about what your interests are, what foods you eat, what products you consume and what types of things you own.

Why Have Profilers?

Imagine that you found a survey company you were interested in joining. Now imagine that it took half an hour to complete the registration to become a member. Would you join a survey panel like this? Probably not.

Now imagine that it took you three minutes to register as a new member with a survey company. And imagine that there were additional questions you could answer optionally in your account that would make you eligible to complete more surveys. Would you do it? Most likely.

Benefits of Completing Profilers

The main benefit of keeping your account information current and completing profilers is that you are more likely to be contacted to complete a survey when one becomes available. The more information you provide about yourself to a market research company in a profiler, the less they need to ask you when they have a survey available.

Update Your Profile Regularly

If you say bought a new car, make sure to log in to your online survey company accounts and update your profile information with this new data. If the survey company has a survey for new car owners, you will be much more likely to be contacted to complete this survey versus had you not notified the survey company. The survey company may put out a general email asking its members if they have recently purchased a new vehicle however by updating your profile and letting them know immediately, you are much more likely to be contacted to complete a study like this before a general email is sent to all members.

Keep Your Account Information Current

happy familyNot only should you be updating your profilers when you make a big purchase or circumstances change in your life, you should also be sure to keep your account information current. If you moved, make sure your address is correct – you don’t want payment cheques, gift cards or prizes going to your old address! If your marital status has changed, this is also something to update in your account information. A big one is having kids – if you become blessed with children, by having your own or through adoption, let the survey companies know! By having children, you become eligible to complete surveys on children – something that is often a popular topic.


Keep your account information current and complete profilers in your membership accounts with survey companies. By doing this you increase your chances of being selected to complete more online surveys which can mean more rewards and more cash in your pockets!

Profilers are something that you can complete at your own pace – you can complete them whenever you want and you’re not pressured to do so when it’s an inconvenient time for you. If you choose not to complete them, don’t worry, you’re still eligible to complete online surveys. However, if you’re serious about survey taking, it’s highly recommend that you complete these.

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