Arbitron Mobile Panel

Automatically earn £5 per month for being an active panellist in this innovative mobile community.

Arbitron Mobile Panel seeks to better understand how smartphones and mobile applications are being used today. By participating in this collaboration between market research companies and universities, you can be part of this exciting research project. Help the mobile industry develop better apps and services with your help.

Earn a minimum of £5 per month
As an active participant, you will automatically earn £5 per month in addition to bonus cash payments made via PayPal and prize draws.

How to get started
To get involved, click on the link below to register yourself as a participant. Upon registering, you will be asked to download an application to your phone. Please note that the data the app sends to the researchers is anonymized, secure and encrypted. The data is aggregated to form information on trends.

Option to complete mobile surveys
Every so often you may be contacted to complete a survey sent to your mobile – these are completely optional to answer.

Only a limited number of participants will be granted a spot in this panel – join now before it closes!


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