How To Increase Your Survey Earnings

Everyone wants to earn more money, but did you know there are things you can do to influence how much you earn taking surveys and answering online questionnaires?

Make More When Answering Questionnaires

Members of survey panels looking for ways to increase their survey earnings have a variety of options. Many survey companies give suggestions and advice on their individual websites to help their panelists receive more survey invitations and therefore more earnings.

Research companies are constantly looking for opinions from a wide cross-section of the public. One way they can be sure of getting answers from a diverse number of survey-takers is to send out invitations specifically to those members who fit the profiles they are looking for. This is one reason to keep all personal profile information constantly update.

Keep Profile Information Current

Panelists can sure to receive more surveys and therefore increase their survey earnings by keeping their personal profiles constantly updated. A change in marital status, physical address or jobs can result in more surveys and rewards. Also, an educational upgrade such as obtaining a degree or even learning a second language may entitle a survey taker to a higher number of invites.

Occasionally questionnaires are sent out that specify no reward points will be given but a draw entry or something similar is offered. Members may be tempted to ignore these if they’re only looking to increase the points in their accounts, but in the long run these short profile surveys will lead to an increase in paid invitations as the research companies learn more about the various habits of their panelists and can offer them a greater variety of surveys.

Missing Surveys

Another method to increase survey earnings is for panelists to complete every survey they are offered. At times survey takers may feel they are too busy to take the surveys sent to them, however, survey companies will take note and decrease the number of available surveys to members who have unfinished surveys sitting in their accounts.

Some market research websites enable panelists to place a hold on receiving survey invites. This is beneficial for those who are going away on vacation or are overwhelmed with work projects, as it keeps the survey taker’s account in good standing while they are temporarily unable to complete surveys. This ensures surveys are sent out regularly again in the future and earnings from taking surveys will continue.

Staying Organized

Many survey takers find that establishing a separate email account strictly for the use of completing surveys aids in the process of keeping their surveys organized. Email invitations can get lost amid the many other emails panelists receive during the day, so a separate account or using standard email program organization tools (such as folders) can help keep survey invitations organized and let survey takers see at a glance how many open surveys are available to them.

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