GFK Media View

Have opinions on the programming on the TV as well as radio? Here’s your chance to tell broadcasters exactly what you think!

Tell the programme makers what you really think!

GFK Media ViewSick of all the terrible shows on the telly? What about the radio programmes that you hope never disappear? If you have opinions on these topics, GFK Media View is the panel for you.

Tell broadcasters what you really think about what’s on the TV, radio and internet by taking a quick and easy survey that is available each day.

By completing the daily survey, you could be the lucky winner of up to £1,000 as well as loads of other prizes too. The survey will allow you to give your feedback on the programmes you watched or listened to on the radio. Assign them a rating and help broadcasters shape what you’ll see or hear next on the TV and radio.

Join now and get 5 tickets toward this month’s prize draw of £1,000 cash!


GFK needs a different mix of people for this panel. If your application is not accepted, don’t fret – you can always try again next time.

Who is GFK?

The GfK Group is one of the world’s largest market research companies. In the UK, GfK NOP is a member of the Market Research Society Company Partner Service and the Interviewer Quality Control Scheme. They are also committed to meeting the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act as well as the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct.

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