Have an Opinion About the UK Rail System?

Do you commute daily to work by rail? If so, have a chance to influence future decisions regarding the UK rail system. Good or bad, your opinions are wanted.

Rants or Raves, Your Opinions are Important!

With the Olympics fully now underway, and with it the massive influx of people it has attracted, the transportation systems have been put to the test. Connected Commuter is a new survey community where rail commuters are asked to take convenient surveys using their smartphones.

Voice your opinions and shape the future of commuting in the UK today!

ConnectedCommuter is a community created for rail commuters, where participants can share their opinions in forums, polls and surveys, with plenty of fun topics to express their views on.

Why not join a debate with other rail commuters on your way home from work using your smartphone?

To show our appreciation we will be offering a number of prizes in our monthly prize draws, such as technology gadgets or retail vouchers.


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