Survey: Effect of Olympic Games Overall Positive, But Not for Long

A recent study commissioned by the BBC shows Britons think the Olympic Games were a good thing, but only in the short term.

What Britons Think About the Games

The 2012 London Olympics overall positively affected the UK, but the feel good factor might only be short lived according to a recent survey.

Around 83% felt that the Games had an overall positive effect on the UK and most of those polled felt it had increased patriotism.

But only 35% felt that Briton would feel the positive effects of the Games long term, while more than half (54%) thought it would be short-lived.

The study, conducted by GfK NOP polled 1,002 people between August 10-12, 2012 and was commissioned by the BBC.

Post Olympic spirits high but may fizzle out – survey,

Your Thoughts?
What do you think? Were the Games a success and were they worth it? Will Britons enjoy the effects for a long time, or only immediately?

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