Creating and Designing an Online Survey

Make an Online SurveyHave you ever wondered how you can create and conduct your own online surveys? Instead of being the survey taker, how about being the survey administer? If you’ve ever wanted to be on the other side of market research, you might be interested in hearing how Toluna Quick Surveys can help you.

Whether you’re a student needing research for a research paper, or a professional who wants to wants some feedback on an idea very quickly, Toluna Quick Surveys is your answer.

Survey between 100-2000 panellists easy and quickly at any time of the day and almost anywhere in the world. Simply create the survey through the online interface, select who you want to survey and wait for your results! It’s that easy.

As a bonus, if you have a list of your own participants who you wish to survey, you can use Toluna Quick Surveys for free!

Read more about How to Make a Survey or visit the TolunaQuickSurveys website.

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