Interview with Maximiles UK

We interviewed Lucy McIlroy from Maximiles to tell us more about the Maximiles programme and tips on how to earn more rewards!

interviewWe here at PaidSurveysUK were curious to find out more about the Maximiles UK programme, which is why we sat down with Lucy McIlroy from Maximiles to learn more.


Can you explain how exactly the Maximiles programme works?

maximiles logoLucy McIlroy: Maximiles is the UK’s most generous online loyalty scheme. Maximiles members can claim free rewards and discount vouchers in exchange for loyalty points collected by shopping online with some of the UK’s biggest brands. But you don’t have to shop online to get your hands on free rewards. With Maximiles you can earn points for free when you complete surveys, enter competitions, play games, watch videos, register for services and even respond to emails.

What’s more there’s a huge choice of free rewards and discount vouchers to spend your loyalty points on. There really is something for everyone. Plus, you get 100 free points just for signing up!


Members have the option of joining Maximiles Panels when they register with Maximiles. Can you tell us more about that portion of the website?

panel join

Lucy: Yes of course. When you register for free to join Maximiles, you can select to receive surveys on a regular basis. For each survey that you complete – you can earn hundreds of points.

Each survey lasts anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes in length. Like with all of our activities, you can turn these points in to fantastic rewards.

You can redeem everything from Apple iPads, to experience days, through to gift vouchers for major retailers.


How many surveys can members expect to receive monthly?

Lucy: The more information our members tell us about themselves – the better we can select surveys that suit them best. For members that fit the survey criteria – there are numerous opportunities each month to complete a survey and earn hundreds of Maximiles points.



Should members log into their account regularly to see surveys or should they wait for an email?

Lucy: The great thing about Maximiles Surveys is that you will receive them directly in to your inbox. Once you have completed a survey your Maximiles points will automatically be added to your account.


What should a member do in order to maximize the amount of points they earn?

Lucy: The best thing is to ensure they go through Maximiles first before shopping with any of our partners. This will ensure they will always collect points. Members should also make sure they are opted in to both Maximiles Surveys and Maximail to ensure they are optimising their best chances of earning as many points as possible.


How are points redeemed and how long does it take to receive a reward?

Lucy: Simply browse the catalogue of gifts on offer.

All of our rewards are available to view on the rewards catalogue. You will notice that each reward has a set number of points attached to it. If you have the required amount of points for a particular reward, simply click on the reward to redeem. Depending on the reward you will either receive this instantly (e-vouchers) or over the course of the next few days

reward catalogue points


Are Maximiles reward partners updated frequently?

Lucy: Yes, the rewards catalogue is updated constantly with new products, deals and offers specifically for our members. We have great relationships with suppliers and manage to go out and source the best rewards, at the best prices for our members. We always welcome new ideas from our member as to what they would love to see in the catalogue also.


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