Back to School Surveys

For some of you, school is right around the corner! Get ready for September by having your textbooks ready, campus map ready and mobile ready to take any surveys that may come your way!

It’s almost that time of year again; the days are slowly getting shorter, the nights cooler and the shops have their back-to-school sales. We here at Paid Surveys UK hope you’ve had a lovely summer, and continue to enjoy every last bit of it!

School is Pricey!
With school right around the corner comes financial planning and discipline. Don’t be a statistic and graduate with £53,000 worth of student debt! (Mindblowing!)

Keep your Mobile Ready
Although we all know that online survey taking can never replace the income from a regular job, why not at least make a few pounds in between lectures, while commuting to school, or even in class? Ok, we kid about the last one, but with the advent of mobile surveys, there’s no excuse not to voice your opinions almost anytime, anywhere!

mobileMy Survey is a Winner
Before you set foot on campus this year, ensure that at the very least, you’re registered with My Survey. Their wide variety of reward options (including cash), reputation, and mobile app make them a favourite with us.

So while you’re standing in line for textbooks, multitask and earn rewards while you’re at it!

For the Non-Students
If you’re returning to school this fall, best of luck with your studies. If you’re done school and reading this blog post anyway, check out our surveys worksheet for some fresh consumer panels. Order columns by type of rewards offered, age requirements and more!

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