Staying Organized With Online Surveys

It’s easy to lose track of which survey panel owes you what. Make sure you get credited for surveys, and know when to cash out your balances with these few simple tips.

Keep Things Tidy With These Simple Tips

Taking surveys has become a very popular way to earn a few extra pounds from home. Companies value consumer opinions so that they know how to better develop and market their products. Many people have discovered that by joining several survey panels, they can earn a bit of income just by providing their opinions.

Most savvy survey takers, however, have learned that organization is an important key to survey taking success. When you participate with many survey panels at once, it can become overwhelming. It is easy to forget which companies pay more, how long a panel takes to remit payment, and when it’s the right time to request a payment.

Keeping a spreadsheet with the following information will allow any survey taker to succeed:

Track Every Company With Whom You Registered
It is important to know the name of every panel whom you are registered with along with the appopriate login information. Some survey panels may require that you log into their site at least once a month to remain an active panelist, even if there is nothing more to do on the site than check your points or cash balance.

When you register with a survyey website, you should also make sure that you complete the profile page so that you will receive more surveys that you can qualify for each day. Make a note on your spreadsheet when you registered so that you can routinely go back and update your profile.

Track Payment Requirements
Each survey site will have a different payment method. Some will pay with points that need to be redeemed for gift cards; others will allow you to accumulate money in an account until you request payment.

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with any requirements for cashing out. Some websites allow points to expire after a certain time if not used. Always track your earnings in a manner that will allow you to always receive timely payments without forfeiting any credits you have earned.

Track Completed Surveys
You will want to document every survey that you complete. Each survey will either have a name or classification number. Track this information along with the stated payment. Enter this information into your database and check your accounts weekly to make sure you are credited. Most surveys can take a few weeks to post payment which is why it is so important to verify that they appear in your account.

Some survey panels will also provide small incentives for trying to qualify for a survey. If you desire, track these incentives also. This may take a lot of your time, however, and these incentives are not as important as being paid for the completed surveys.

Set Up Email Filters
When you are completing surveys, you should establish a separate email account just for this purpose. Additionally, you should create filters that will remove any unnecessary email from this account. Many surveys are only offered for a limited period of time. You want to be able to access your survey opportunities quickly when they arrive in your inbox.

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