Online Survey Taking Fatigue

With the warm weather often comes a sense of fatigue, and that goes for survey taking too. Here’s what to do when the heat becomes too much and answering surveys loses its luster.

While the weather stays hot, we sometimes feel like a sack of lazy bones, too tired and unmotivated to get up and do anything useful. While we all hide from the heat, you might also have forgotten about online survey taking, experiencing what’s referred to in the industry as, “online survey taking fatigue”. Here’s what to do if you’ve become victim to this:

When Surveys Become Boring
Market researchers can often get lazy, and when creating online surveys, they don’t always put the most effort into crafting questionnaires that keep the respondent engaged. It’s easy enough to ask people a series of questions and collect the data, but it’s a lot harder to create a survey people want to take, and have fun answering all the way to the end. Online surveys questions can get redundant, and when a study pertains to subjects such as banking routine habits, the dry subject matter makes it a challenge to create something exciting.

Rule #1: Take Surveys You Actually Want to Take
It’s easy enough to figure out which online surveys are the most lucrative to complete; a bit of basic math goes a long way, even with panels who have points systems in place. Completing the highest paying surveys first is a strategy employed by many survey takers, though when survey taking fatigue starts to set in, the easiest way to keep yourself engaged is to find surveys on subject matter you actually care about and are interested in answering questions about.

What’s interesting about this technique, is you might find you actually complete surveys on interesting subject matter faster than the 7th banking survey you’ve already filled out this month. So, the next time you see a survey that isn’t offering the best incentive, but is about something you care about, consider completing it first.

Rule #2: Prune When the Timing’s Right
If you’re a member of a few survey panels, no doubt you prefer some over others; whether it’s better incentives, more frequent survey invitations, or just a friendlier user interface, some panels will jive better with you than others. It might be time then, to discontinue your membership with the panels that aren’t impressing you. Why waste your time with a panel that you’re not enjoying?

If you have a points or cash balance in your account, you might want to wait until you “cash out” before cancelling your membership. Or, you might want to forgo your balance if you have a very small amount. Either way, once you choose to leave a panel, it could be a good time to give a new one a chance. There are plenty of smaller panels out there who try really hard to please their members, and once you’ve done some “spring cleaning”, it could be the perfect time to find a shiny new panel to become a member of.

Rule #3: Choose the Right Time and Pick Your Motivation
Especially during summer, when the sun shines, sitting at the computer answering questionnaires doesn’t seem nearly as appealing as during the never ending rains of winter. If you’re struggling to find time and motivation to sit down and complete surveys, you might want to try out these tips:

  • Set a specific time every day for filling out surveys – this way, like a job, you’ll always put in the time and you’ll earn rewards much more consistently, which is a good motivator in itself
  • Take surveys before an activity you really enjoy, so as to create your own reward; before playing tennis, before eating a delicious meal – that way, in your mind you’ll associate survey taking with very good things!
  • Make copies of the rewards you’ve already collected, and display them near your computer; nothing like a little visual motivation to keep you going

Finally, if you’re just too busy this summer to dedicate the time to taking surveys, don’t forget that many panels offer mobile survey apps that allow you to take surveys on the go. Short and concise questionnaires, with sometimes fun assignments with things like photos, going mobile this summer might be solution you’ve been looking for!

Happy Summer!

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