Supporting Local Market Research

Many market research companies who operate panels open to residents of the UK are not actually UK companies. Find out why it’s good to support local companies and who these companies are.

The Importance Of Market Research

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Although many people feel that market researchers are just pesky telemarketers who call during dinner to ask questions, the truth is that market researchers are doing a very important job. The purpose of market research is to find out the opinions, thoughts, practices and preferences of people from a variety of demographics in order to understand the market that exists in an area.

This research helps businesses to understand where it would be most lucrative for them to develop new locations by assessing what consumers would like to see and have access to. It also helps companies to determine how to advertise to certain demographics and understand the qualities they want to see in goods and services. This, in turn, stimulates the economy by increasing the amount of money being spent at new businesses and on changed and improved goods and services.

Survey Locally

There are many market research companies all across the globe which encourage consumers to take surveys in order to learn more about their target demographics so as to provide a more competitive quality of products and services. Quite a few of these companies are willing to reward participants for their time and energy via the use of discount coupons, money or other rewards.

These benefits entice a greater percentage of the population to participate in the surveys. Some of these companies are based solely in the UK and do market research only for UK businesses. Choosing to complete surveys offered by these companies rather than global surveys can be beneficial.

Benefits of Economy and Convenience

Surveying with local companies rather than global companies helps to support local industries and boost the economy of the UK. These companies have the benefit of providing a higher quality of customer service to their survey panelists because they are smaller companies with fewer panelists. Better customer service means that people answering online surveys come away with the benefits that they were promised and that surveys are completed easily and without issue.

By taking surveys issued by British companies rather than global companies, citizens of the UK can have a greater impact on their local market and the advertising, products and services provided to their demographic. Having an effect on how a company advertises or what they sell in America has little to no benefit to a British citizen, so working with UK based companies can be rewarding beyond any basic financial compensation.

Making Money Via Local Survey Taking

Some individuals choose to use online survey taking as a way to attempt to make a full time income. Although this is difficult, it is possible. For UK citizens, choosing to do this via local companies is also of benefit to the economy, as the company be paying a British citizen rather than someone outside the country.

When that citizen spends the money that they make taking those surveys, the local economy continues to be stimulated. This cycle is a necessary part of the function of all economies and is the reason that shopping, working and conducting financial transactions locally instead of globally is genuinely important.

UK-Based Market Research Panels

The following survey panels are head quartered and originate from the UK:

check GFK / – based in London
check Maximiles – based in London

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