Using Facebook To Get More Out of Online Surveys

Did you know that by simply becoming a fan of online survey panels on facebook, you could be privy to rewards not seen by regular survey takers?

Most online surveys offer prizes, cash and points in exchange for answering a few questions. A new way to discover special surveys and opportunities is now through the use of Facebook. Many online survey companies now have a presence there and some people find Facebook easier to deal with then say, using a search engine to find the website of the survey website you’d like to contact. Let’s face it, many of us spend most of our days on Facebook anyway, so why not use that time to find more online survey web sites?

On-line survey companies and the UK

There are many great companies out there who offer online surveys but you may want to consider looking them up on Facebook and ‘liking’ their pages. Just a few companies that come to mind who have a Facebook presence are Opinion Outpost UK.

Reaping the Benefits of “Liking” a Page

A click of a button to become a fan of a company on Facebook is easy enough – it only takes a second. This simple action however can translate to getting more out of survey taking than the average user.

Win More Contests – Many research companies hold facebook-only contests where users can win points and prizes, just for “liking” a status update or for making a comment on a survey panel’s facebook page. Your chances of winning this is greater than most contests due to fewer entries.

Discover Special Survey Opportunities – Sometimes when there’s a special online survey opportunity, companies will notify their facebook fans first of it. The only way you can be privy to this information is if you’re a fan.

Run into Trouble? Make it Public! – Have a gripe with a survey panel? Contact them via e-mail first with your concern. If it goes unanswered, try posting your inquiry on their facebook page. Not only is this method more likely to get their attention, but other people will see it too.

If Surveys Are New to You

On-line surveys can be a fun and lucrative way to gain prizes in cash, as stated previously. Some online surveys are done just to provide information to a company that you like. Other online survey companies will award a certain amount of points for each survey that you take. You can redeem or cash these points in for gift cards, or prizes such as makeup, electronics, magazine subscriptions and the like.

Other survey web sites out there can pay cash for a survey that you take. Many of these web sites do have certain stipulations; some of them are looking for participants of a certain age group. Others are looking for participants the shop at certain stores, while others are searching for participants that live in a certain part of the UK. Some surveys companies are not concerned with such things. They just want to know what the survey population cares about.

Last Words

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